Why eJ?

Continuous focus on emerging technologies to build COE

eJAmerica makes investment in building COE for Emerging technologies startling from ServiceNow, SFDC to Splunk, Tableau, MongoDB, AWS etc. eJAmerica focuses exclusively on developing forward-thinking services, and channels. While selcting such technoloiges for COE we work with a wide variety of industry experts. Our advisers to the board include many retired CIO’s, CTO’s and industry experts.

We are proud to be acquainted with all these leaders. We can easily deploy management consultation for our customers burning needs to bring focus and clear direction.

Business Intelligence & Big Data Analytics Focus

eJAmerica focuses exclusively on developing forward-thinking Business Intelligence (BI) services, and channels the growing power of Big Data with our proprietary methodology.

Today, traditional methods of obtaining and analyzing information can only take your enterprise so far. Our BI focus originates from the realization during eJAmerica’s infancy that the chaotic world of accessible, real-time data could be reorganized, analyzed, and leveraged in a revolutionary way to help your organization make more educated as well as proactive decisions. We’ve consciously evolved our practice over several years by investing in education and technology, and by recruiting several leading consultants and thought leaders within the elite field of Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

Extensive Consulting Experience

eJAmerica’s experts can assist your enterprise from the strategy and planning phase through implementation across leading technologies and many industries. Our management consultants, business analysts, data architects and engineers are experts in the field and leverage their collective knowledge gained in over 500 projects that have helped enterprises increase their value and competitive edge.

Unmatched BI & Big Data Expertise

eJAmerica Principals make it a priority to share their BI expertise. The scope of untapped potential regarding Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics is huge, and eJAmerica recognizes that its contributions in the field combined with important lessons learned along the way may offer tremendous value as an educational tool for other enterprises. On this topic, founding Principal Juan Pacheco states, “Big data solutions are expensive and complex propositions. Organizations can’t afford not to leverage the experience of people who have been there and done it successfully.” Other notable eJAmerica Principals have published ground-breaking books and articles on the subject of BI and Big Data Analytics and are well-known as thought leaders in the space.

Analytics Solutions for 2018 and Beyond

With a lot of interest from organizations that are looking at different ways to leverage data, many of eJAmerica’s engagements have evolved into what calls a more “data-centric” business management consulting approach. In essence, clients who’ve experienced measurable success with their existing BI and Big Data solutions are starting to envision how to generate additional revenue or operational efficiency from that data, acquiring and integrating new data sources to create new products and services, and new markets to drive sales. “This is where eJAmerica excels … we act as a liaison between business and IT departments to help enterprises discover and exploit strategic opportunities hidden in data that is yet to be realized through normal use cases,”