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8. Use your fingers. Sure, m88 it’s called a hand job, but using your finger pads to create a delicate touch can be super stimulating and unexpected. Antonia Hall, a psychologist and relationship expert, suggests using the pads of your fingers and lubrication to glide up and down his shaft.

9. Keep an eye out for his sweet spots. Hall explains that the frenulum (under the tip of his penis), the perineum (area just beneath his balls), and the base of his penis are three sensitive spots to pay extra attention to. You’ll want to make sure you stimulate these areas somehow.

10. Ask your partner! Jennifer Rahner, a sex educator, says that watching your partner touch themselves and asking what they like is the most efficient way to become a pro at handies. Whether your partner prefers lots of lube or just a little (uncircumcised guys sometimes enjoy stimulation without lube, says Rahner) or if he likes a light touch or a firm touch, m88 the best way to figure it out is to ask.

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11. Read their signals. Just because you’ve asked them what they like, it doesn’t mean you can zone out and just phone it in until he climaxes. You’ll also want to pay close attention to his body language during stimulation. "Listen to your partner’s body—their breath, their noises, the way they move," says Rahner. "These can all show signs that you’re on the right track."

12. Free up a hand. Sex and relationship expert Emily Morse, host of the Sex With Emily podcast, explains. First you’ll need a really good silicone lube because duh = more movement, more lube. Morse recommends SKYN Maximum Performance which is silicone-based and long lasting. We’re also big fans of Lelo’s lube as it feels luxe AF and comes in the most beautiful bottle ever. Once you’re lubed enough, try seamlessly bringing your hand from the base of his shaft up and over his head, squeezing gently on his head, and then working your way back down. Feel free to use your other hand for stimulating yourself and m88 putting on a bit of a show for him.
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