About Us

We provide high quality, end-to-end information technology services globally, with maximum agility, flexibility & transparency.

Our Services include Management Consulting, I.T. Professional Services, and Digital Transformation Services, across all industries and geographies.

Our Management Consulting Services focus on clients’ most critical issues and opportunities, such as – Leadership Coaching, Mentoring, Strategy Consulting, Marketing Services, Organization Strategy, Operations Strategy, I.T. Strategy, and Mergers & Acquisitions Integration Services.

Our IT Professional Services include Application Development & Maintenance, Cloud & Infrastructure Services, Cyber Security Services, QA, Automation, Business Analysis, Project Management, and Emerging Technology COE

Our Digital Transformation Services span across Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Analytics, and IoT (Internet of Things)

Our Services are delivered across the globe with maximum agility, flexibility, and transparency. Our Services span across multiple industry verticals and most technology stacks. We strive to become a one-stop-shop for our clients and pioneer in delivering business value through right-sourcing (right-shoring + flexible-sourcing). We are easy to work with and provide local currency billing in China, Australia, Mexico, the USA, and India.

Our focus on building Center of Excellence for Emerging Technologies differentiates us from other traditional providers. We are very easy to work with!

Expand Globally, Deliver Locally

We are very committed to expanding our business across the globe for delivering the best of know-how that we established over a period. Our thought process is to apply global knowledge to enhance capabilities across the world while hiring, training, and retaining local talents for delivery.

Stop for a moment and study how much of the clothing you’re wearing was made in the United States. The answer for clothing will probably be none, although it may be a USA brand. Gap, Nike, and Levis use global contract manufacturers and emphasis on design and marketing. The computer or smartphone you’re using to watch this video was likely assembled in Asia, even if USA based I.T. experts designed the hardware and software, and Intel built the chips. For Car, To “Buy American” now, you could reasonably choose Toyota, which has 12 U.S. factories employing over 30,000 workers in the U.S. The economy is global in every sense of the word, and becoming more so every day.

As employers, we must develop this sensitivity in our customers and employees. As hard as it may be to do, a global perspective must be included in the business plan. But you cannot ignore local culture while delivering. We must expand our production ideas to other parts of the world for economies of cost, whether labor or scale. We will focus on the global growth market, but we will deliver locally. We have established the best of breed practices for determining the ideal services or products for each region – what can be shared across the globe versus what can be sourced or developed from the local market.

Globally Competitive

Globally Competitive

In today’s global environment, it is wise to have some internal competency in the use of global issues, whether in information technology, business process outsourcing, marketing, production, or finance. The use of a right country or regional risk analysis (economic and political) can assure the proper investments and the ability to achieve continued success.

Changes in local currency and tax laws can be challenging for the legal & finance team. Along the way, there will always be surprises. Understand local traditions, practices, do’s, and don’ts. In some cultures, the same sexes holding hands is a sign of respect in many cultures; it does not mean the same as in California. Failure to being aware of cultural habits can “kill” a business relationship or destroy a product offering before it even gets started. Understanding and success, as it happens, go hand in hand.


We think globally but deliver locally. At the same time, we share those are uniquely qualified to share across the globe from a central delivery center.