Revolutionize Your Recruitment Game!

Introducing eJRekruit by eJAmerica, a pivotal component of the eJEM.AI suite tailored to revolutionize recruitment for the modern small enterprise landscape. Our platform harnesses the power of SaaS to transform how you attract, hire, and retain exceptional talent, embedding efficiency into every step of your talent acquisition strategy.

With eJRekruit Jobs, gain unprecedented control over job tracking, offering a comprehensive and transparent view of each job posting’s lifecycle. This robust tool can seamlessly integrate with, or fully replace, your existing Careers page, simplifying job management in one centralized location. eJRekruit Talents further elevates the recruitment experience by providing a streamlined applicant tracking system, enabling you to follow a candidate’s journey from application to hire with ease and precision.

Beyond talent management, eJRekruit equips you with sophisticated forecasting tools to oversee cost and profitability. These insights empower you to make strategic decisions, align resources effectively, and manage your financial planning with confidence.

Elevate your enterprise’s recruitment approach with eJRekruit – Elevate Hiring.

Cool Features you Get!!

  • Global Payroll Configuration: Set compensation packages according to country standards to estimate costs and margins accurately.
  • AI-Powered Job Descriptions: Automatically generate job descriptions matching requirements and candidate skills.
  • Talent Screening Questions: Add screening questions of various types with a convenient question library.
  • Custom Job Status & Tracking: Track recruitment progress with customizable job status options.
  • Custom Talent Status for a Job: Adapt talent status options to hiring manager preferences for each job.
  • Flexible View Options: Easily switch between table and card views for job listings. Enhance user experience with flexible display options for job listings.
  • Refined Filtering Choices: Streamline job search processes with refined filtering options for targeted results.
  • Export Functionality: Seamlessly share and analyze job-related data with Excel export functionality.
  • Social Media Integration: Share job postings directly on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Personalized Candidate Profiles: Empower candidates to customize profiles for accuracy and completeness before applying.
  • Search Capability: Find relevant job opportunities easily with the ability to search by job title.
  • Geographic Job Search Functionality: eJRekruit platform offers a sophisticated geographic job search feature allowing users to filter job opportunities by city, state, country, and zip code.
Take advantage of our offer and get three Recruiter Subscriptions free for the first 45 days. After that, the cost is a mere $80 per month. Add more recruiters to your subscription at a nominal fee of just $10 per month for each additional recruiter.
Please note that hosting fees will apply separately and vary based on the region.