Program Management Services

eJAmerica can offer a variety of program management services, including:

  1. Strategic planning and alignment: This service helps organizations align their IT initiatives with their overall business goals and objectives.
  2. Portfolio management: This service helps organizations manage and optimize their IT portfolio by identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing projects and programs.
  3. Governance and oversight: This service helps organizations establish and maintain effective governance and oversight of their IT projects and programs.
  4. Project management: This service helps organizations plan, execute, and deliver IT projects on time, within budget, and to the desired quality.
  5. Risk management: This service helps organizations identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with their IT projects and programs.
  6. Vendor management: This service helps organizations manage their relationships with third-party vendors and ensure that they are delivering the services and products as per the agreed-upon terms.
  7. Resource management: This service helps organizations manage their resources effectively and efficiently across multiple projects and programs.
  8. Performance measurement and reporting: This service helps organizations measure and report on the performance of their IT projects and programs.
  9. Change management: This service helps organizations manage the changes associated with their IT projects and programs, including changes to processes, systems, and organizational structures.
  10. Communication management: This service helps organizations plan and execute effective communication strategies to keep stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the life of an IT project or program.

Project & Program Management Services

Delivering successful Projects and Programs is no rocket science! However, there are a few factors to delivering demonstrable success through IT Programs and Projects that go beyond a certain threshold in terms of scale and complexity. At eJAmerica, we negate the common hypothesis that IT Projects and Programs with extreme complexity and scale can be managed without additional, complementing domain and technology expertise. That is why, those customers, who want to see ‘Things Getting Done’ and ‘Goods Getting Delivered’, love to work with us again and again!

Our Program and Project Management Center of Excellence has been able to aggregate the IT Project experience and intellectual strength of about 100+ Background Verified experts spread across global locations, totaling up to 1400+ Person Years of Experience working with our customers to reduce the Project friction points, bureaucracy and inefficiencies. We put Business and Stakeholder value in the center of the famous PMI Triangle! eJAmerica offers Temporary and Permanent Staffing services in 10+ countries across the globe. Most of our clients love us for our flexibility, transparency, and our customer value-centricity.

We are proud partners in successful Projects with major US Credit Card Institutions, Large cities in Southern California, the Transportation Authority in California, the Sheriff’s office in Florida, and other significant players in the space of Clothing and Accessories, Retail, Utilities, Content and Media delivery, Entertainment, Banking, and Financial Services. We’ve successfully delivered Project and Program engagements in a variety of genres including those establishing multi-Datacenter monitoring and 24X7 support systems for Datacenters located across and outside of the Americas with Onsite, Onshore, Nearshore delivery models, SaaS Adoption Programs, End-to-end remote Datacenter build-out projects and DSS Services covering more than 500 locations across the USA.

The rigor of eJAmerica Project and Program Management practice is flexible with processes and documentation requirements, but immensely biased in favor of ‘Value Realization’ milestones. We believe that a precise and well-established measurement criterion of Business ‘Success’, ‘Outcome’ and ‘Value’ definition upfront significantly alters the paradigm of Project and Program Delivery and converts Projects and Programs into Business Value Realization instruments, preventing the decay and erosion of Project Value and Project Investments.

eJAmerica’s Project and Program Management Practices are carefully designed to suit the unique needs of specific types of Projects and Programs. This often needs to leverage complementary and advanced skillsets, training, and knowledge suiting the context of each unique Project. For example, our Project Managers contextualize the delivery of Projects, like Transition vs Transformation, and are trained to measure, accelerate and communicate around the value-based outcomes and success measures of such distinct Projects. This is accomplished through an immersive experience of IT Operations, various technology areas, and additional qualifications, for example, Cloud native technologies, SaaS Operating Models, ITIL, COBIT, TOGAF, IT4IT, Scrum, Kanban, etc. It is because of this specialized enablement within eJAmerica’s Project and Program Management practice, that our project execution is less rigid, more, and exponentially high on technical and non-technical stakeholder engagement. We address Assumptions and Risks through a culture of autonomous Project and Program teams. This enables quicker and more agile decision-making, reducing the bureaucracy and delay arising from acutely formal approval and engagement methods.

We never stop learning! Our Centers of Excellence engage very profoundly and regularly with our Project and Program teams. eJAmerica continuously breathes-in from what’s happening in the Programs and Projects without being time and resource intensive for ‘Project Updates’ to eJAmerica leadership specifically and formally. There is no place for surprises, absolutely!

Great partnerships grow naturally based on trust and care. Here’s what some of our customers feel and say about us working together:

“Take a bow eJAmerica team for a great piece of work delivered. And it was really nice to meet with you all. Hopefully we will continue working together on oncoming transformational work.” – Head of Delivery

“eJ team, Thankyou for your help and support, the project went seamless from Network perspective. All the meetings, plans, and dry-runs paid off… Very well coordinated and executed! It was an excellent team to work with, thank you !” – Program Manager