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MongoDB is an Open Source document oriented NoSQL database system. It enables large scale document management, transformation, and real time processing and analysis. MongoDB has been named a Cool Vendor in Gartner’s Information Infrastructure & Big Data report with strong functionalities and features such as

  • Scalability: adding replicas to add read capacity and handling as database grows with content and audience
  • Atomic Updates: user generated content, tags, and comments can be added in database in real time at high velocity
  • Consistency: MongoDB consistency model supports atomic model that is critical to get accurate picture of inventory
  • Query Language and indexing: Search, sort, and filter from varied formats of content

MongoDB Consulting Services

Our MongoDB experts provide advisory services on all aspects of the application and database project lifecycle, including system architecture, schema design, capacity planning, performance tuning, operational readiness, upgrades, migration strategies, and more.

Get an assessment as to whether MongoDB will be a good fit for your application if you are finding that your current database solution falls short of your needs..
Our MongoDB experts can help you build applications faster, with lower deployment costs, and simpler ongoing operations.
We develop MongoDB solutions that integrate with your existing enterprise applications like Liferay, Drupal, Talend, Alfresco, CRM, ERP and more.

Leverage our 24×7 support service to keep your MongoDB deployment running.