Monitoring and Event Management Services


Do you monitor your technical estate satisfactorily enough to be confident that your business is running on a reliable and resilient technical foundation? Unfortunately, most businesses don’t feel adequately covered for the entire width of their technology observability. Establishing a systematic approach towards monitoring and managing your technology investments and the events arising from their day-to-day functioning is not a matter of choice!

From a purely technical viewpoint, monitoring almost everything your enterprise has and uses is possible. It is, however, the viability aspect of it that makes or breaks your event management practice.

eJAmerica understands that an immature monitoring practice can be a nightmare for your support staff without delivering any value to the business. Therefore, our practice helps you identify, correlate, suppress, and prioritize the events and expedite appropriate responses. Using our platform, enterprise security leaders can monitor worldwide risks, address ongoing incidents, track system health, and sustain operations across the business. eJAmerica’s monitoring platform allows us to present a single view of the most critical events and to automate workflows for security operators.

eJAmerica’s monitoring and event management practice enables you to monitor your Infrastructure components, Networks, Cloud, and Applications and in performing advanced monitoring of your applications through Synthetic Monitoring and Distributed Tracing.

We have partnerships and skillsets within eJAmerica, to support your monitoring needs – suiting your technology vendor preferences.

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