Cloud Support


Every cloud migration journey regardless of the type (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or FaaS) was pronounced to be exponentially more complex mid-way, as compared to how it felt at the start! No matter how ‘intuitive’ or ‘plug & Play’ the cloud solutions providers claim their solutions to be, there is more complexity waiting to be discovered in planning, adapting, and operating the cloud-based solutions for every enterprise. Even after your technology migrations are successful, you need effective management of your cloud investments.

At the foundation of every successful ‘Cloud migration Journey’ is a support system! eJAmerica offers a variety of cloud management services with a view to facilitating a secure, convenient, well-managed cloud experience for its enterprise customers. eJAmerica brings expertise in Application cloud support, office 365 support, and infrastructure cloud support suiting your current cloud maturity, your cloud budgets, your current challenges as well as your cloud acceleration needs.
In this context, Office 365 is a great example of a SaaS solution! With several applications within one suite and all running on the same platform, Office 365 needs a variety of administrative tasks

• Security Configurations
• Optimization
• User training
• Custom Configurations
• User Support & Troubleshooting
• Password and security policy implementation, monitoring & administration
• Accelerating adoption

eJAmerica offers a range of flexible, yet affordable Cloud Support services that can accelerate your cloud accomplishments and enhance the value and user experience, all the same time!

Got a question for us? Allow a chance to understand how we can help your company derive the most value from your cloud investments!