Build, Operate & Transfer – MX & IN

‘The War against Cost!’ What’s in your arsenal? IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, FaaS, AI/ML, Outsourcing, and everything else that everyone has? What’s unique in your weaponry that others in your direct competitors don’t have?

Although Outsourcing is a quick and easy lever, it introduces risks to intellectual property, domain knowledge, attrition, loss of visibility, and instrumentation. Therefore, large businesses like Amazon, Accenture, Oracle, Meta, Walmart, Tesco, Visa, Samsung, Apple, etc. establish their own Captive Centers at low-cost locations successfully. But it is a daunting task: You need a Legal Entity, Regulatory & Taxation approvals, Custom & Export clearances, In-Country Leadership, Payroll, Cyber, and Information Security assurance, and a good understanding of cultural nuances at a minimum besides a support system of functions like HR, Finance, Legal & Taxation, compliance, etc.

These are the kind of daunting tasks and problems that eJAmerica loves to solve for its partners.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) is a common business model used in the IT industry, particularly for large-scale IT projects. The BOT model is a way for a company to outsource the development and operation of a project or service to eJAmerica, with the option for eJAmerica to transfer ownership of the project or service back to the customer at a later date.

The process typically involves three stages:

  1. Build: eJAmerica is responsible for designing, developing, and constructing the project or service. This includes the procurement of necessary equipment and software, as well as the hiring of personnel to manage and operate the project or service. We can do this in India or Mexico.
  2. Operate: Once the project or service is built and operational, eJAmerica is responsible for managing and maintaining it. This includes the day-to-day operations, as well as any necessary upgrades or maintenance.
  3. Transfer: At the end of the BOT agreement, the project or service is transferred back to the Customer. This can include the transfer of ownership, as well as the transfer of personnel and equipment.

The BOT model is often used in cases where a company lacks the expertise or resources to build and operate a project or service on its own. It can also be used as a way to outsource the risks associated with a project or service, while still maintaining control over its development and operation.

It is important to note that the BOT model can be used for both IT and non-IT projects, and it is also used in other industries such as infrastructure, real estate, and so on.

eJAmerica’s BOT (Build, Operate & Transfer) solution is the perfect answer! Our BOT offering catapults you across the Gestation pain, Delayed ROI, Foreign Laws, Monetary & Customs Regulations, Cultural Unfamiliarity, Relationships, etc.



eJAmerica offers accelerated value co-creation by helping our clients take a jump start at incubating an offshore delivery Center of their own (Captive Centers) at a low-cost location of your choice.

Ever thought of your Captive Center with expanded capabilities beyond just the conventional Information Technology domain? How about serving other valuable business functions like HR, Finance, Legal & Taxation, Marketing, Patenting, Compliance, Product design, etc. – all from the same Captive Center. Talk of perks? You never have to worry about losing control of talent, intellectual property, and transparency of operations! This is what they probably call as Having a cake and eating it too, all at the same time!

Metaphorically, here is how you end up ‘Having the Cake’: While your offshore Captive Center is stabilizing and maturing, eJAmerica will help you through establishing an offshore legal entity of your own. Of course, with all Regulatory & Taxation approvals, Custom & Export Clearances, In-Country Leadership, Payroll, Cyber and Information Security Assurance and a good understanding of cultural nuances. Once you feel comfortable in taking over the operations, eJAmerica will transfer the talent along with Domain Knowledge, Documentation, Technology, Intellectual Property, Support functions, Processes, Policies, and any other assets of your Captive Center to your offshore entity.

Oh! by the way, Let’s talk about the cherry on the cake! Co-creating your Captive Center with eJAmerica’s BOT offerings means that you get the following benefits out-of-the-box

  • Location Flexibility
  • Mature knowledge transfer & reverse transfer practices
  • Hybrid & Remote working policies, management, platforms, and tools
  • Guaranteed data privacy and cyber security
  • Digital ecosystem
  • Outcome-based, KPI-driven supervision and management
  • Mature Support functions like HR, Finance, and Legal Departments
  • Flexible cost plans as per the customer’s requirements
  • Extensibility beyond IT – HR, Finance, Legal, etc.… pick your pick!
  • Business-aligned IT investments and freedom from Tech debt