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eJAmerica is Information Technology & consulting division of eJangar, Inc. It is a highly respected SAP, business intelligence consulting practice with a singular goal: We help leading enterprises leverage their data assets so they may better understand – and make intelligent decisions about – their customers, brand, competitors, operations and market opportunities.

With more than 5 years of success in Emerging technologies, SAP, Oracle, data warehouse and business intelligence consulting, eJ has evolved into an industry leader in Big Data analytics, cloud-based solutions, predictive analytics, and other emerging data intelligence solutions.

Our vigor to establish center of excellence in emerging technologies is paramount to our success. Few years back we created Center of Excellence(CoE) in  ServiceNow & SFDC(Salesforce). Our consultants were in high demand and we deployed all of them in projects at 125% utilization! In 2016-17, Our focus is CoE on Tableau, Splunk, MongoDB and Node/Angular.JS frameworks. We make investments into setting up CoE on a continuous manner with careful selection of the technology by our advisory to the board  and industry leaders.

eJAmerica offers unmatched subject matter expertise, a structured, collaborative approach, and a commitment to emerging technologies. Our thought leadership and creative vision builds mutual understanding and lasting trust among our client enterprises, helping them achieve superior strategies for continued growth and success.