Managed IT Services

Increased number of customers, with shrinking budgets, are discovering that IT outsourcing is the best approach in the continued effort service and inform their business. eJAmerica has become a trusted IT services provider for many clients. eJAmerica helps them cost-effectively meet or exceed their IT management, maintenance, and support stated goals. eJAmerica helps its clients achieve a healthy, implemented, managed, and monitored IT infrastructure & Applications with enhanced service delivery. We can provide any of the below services from a) the USA b) Mexico c) Australia d) India to leverage labor and cost arbitrage.

IT Infrastructure Monitoring  & Event Management (eJ’s MEM)

We bring the ITIM (IT Infrastructure Monitoring) tool for the needs of the customers. These ITIM tools can go from the very niche, domain-specific tools to increasingly broader scope tools. Organizations often adopt an infrastructure approach as a first step to monitoring their environment and to minimize spending.

Our pricing for eJ’s MEM ( Monitoring and Event Management) Services can be Per device per month for the customers. We can provide special discounts for clients.

24 x7 Event Monitorign & Management

SLA Based delivery

eJ’s MEM is Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Multiple AI Based MEM implementation and support in-progress

IT Service Desk

The purpose of the service desk practice is to capture demand for incident resolution and service requests. It should also be the entry point and a single point of contact for the service provider with all of its users from the municipalities. After helping determine service priorities based on available resources and budgets, eJAmerica implements an expert solution that enables logging, tracking, and resolving support and service requests within the contracted time frame for each incident type.

We can provide Service Desk from California, Mexico, Australia, or India.

We provide SLAs for such services including ASA ( Average Speed to Answer) 30 seconds; Average Abandonment Rate of 5%.

We have established Artificial Intelligence based Automation and Optimization around the Service Desk Solutions.

Application Performance Monitoring and  Management (AP2M)

eJ’a AP2M is the Application Performance Monitoring and Management (AP2M) is the monitoring and management of performance and availability of software applications. AP2M strives to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected SLA. AP2M is the translation of IT metrics into business sense.

We bring AP2M tools for our customers. We charge Per agent, host or cloud resource. While most pricing is done for production environments, very few customers use them for nonproduction. Customers typically restrict AP2M for their top-tier applications in order to control costs.

Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOps)

eJAmerica’s AIOps stands for Artificial Intelligence(AI) for IT operations. AIOps refers to multidimensional technology platforms that automate and optimize IT operations through data analytics and machine learning. AIOps platforms leverage big-data, collecting a variety of data from various IT operations tools like Splunk and systems in order to automatically identify and respond to events & issues instantaneously while providing traditional historic Analytics.
eJAmerica’s AIOps has two main components: big-data and Machine Learning.

eJAmerica’s AIOps will move away from siloed IT Operations data in order to aggregate observational-data (items found in monitoring event logs and syslogs) alongside engagement-data (items found in ITSM systems in the form of incidents, changes, service requests, events, etc.) inside a big-data platform. eJAmerica’s AIOps will implement complete analytics and Machine Learning strategy against the IT Operations-data. The anticipated outcome is automation-driven insights that yield continuous improvements. eJAmerica’s AIOps can be thought of like continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) for core Information Technology Operations.

eJAmerica’s AIOps approach is a big change for IT operations, it’s not a fundamental application of analytics and ML. ML approach was implemented when stockbrokers stirred from manual trading to computer stock-trading. Analytics and Machine Learning are used in social media and in applications like Google Maps, Yelp, and Amazon. These techniques are used extensively in environments where real-time responses to dynamically-changing circumstances and user customization are compulsory. eJAmerica’s AIOps is the application of tried-and-true technology and processes to IT Operations. IT Support personnel are typically slow to adopt new gigs because, out of necessity, our jobs have always been more conservative. It’s the job of the I.T Support team to make sure the lights stay on and provide availability for the infrastructure that supports client applications.

eJ Service Value Chain - Tools Framework interaction with ITOPS

eJ Service Value Chain – Tools Framework interaction with ITOPS

Artificial intelligence takes ITOM beyond operational event management to become smarter and more proactive. Data analytics and machine learning help you anticipate how data, apps, and systems will evolve and interact under various conditions. Together, they let you respond more quickly, efficiently, and accurately to whatever your  Digital environment throws at you.